Sector presentation

Agriculture is the backbone of development of sustainable strategy and food security in Morocco. It contributes to 12% of GDP with a real social and economical impact through consumption.

Green Morocco Plan created an increased mobilization of all actors in surrounding sectors. Its direct effects are now visible through a GDP average between 2008 and 2016 superior to 103 Billion dirhams/year, which is +47% compared to the average recorded between 2000 and 2008.

Agriculture was and still is the main employment booster. In the rural world, 74.5% of the active population operate in the food branch (agriculture, forest and fishing).

The investments realized and planned in Green Morocco Plan will contribute to a sustainable increase of productivity and income in the rural world, where resides 39% of total work force.

Morocco Offer


  • Economical objectives: Develop an agriculture that generates income through a modern and modernist approach.
  • Social objective: Put the small farmers in the heart of the strategy aiming at improving their socio-economical situation.


To provide subsidies to farmers aiming at the development of infrastructure, advice and technical assistance.


  • Reach 150 Billion dirhams of investment by 2020.
  • Multiply by 2.5 the added value, from 38 to 99 Billion dirhams.
  • Additional agriculture GDP from 70 to 100 Billion dirhams.
  • Creating 1.5 million of additional employment.

This initiative aims at creating new investment dynamics nationwide:

A yearly goal of 10 Billion dirhams, making between 1,000 and 1,500 projects.

The increase of exports value from 8 to 44 Billion dirhams for the segments where Morocco is competitive (citrus, olives, fruits and vegetables).

Increase the income twice to three times for 3 million people in the rural world.

Source: Moroccan Agency for the Development of the Investment.