Retail and distribution

Sector presentation

  • The domestic retail share of the GDP is 11%.
  • It gives jobs to 1.2Million people, the equivalent of 12.8% of the Moroccan active population.
  • In the last decade, new retail modes appeared, more specifically franchise networks and distribution.


Morocco Offer

Sectorial strategy

Plan Rawaj aims at boosting and dynamizing the domestic retail, and focuses on four aspects:

  • Distribution
  • Independent retail
  • Network retail and franchise
  • Public trade spaces under the responsibility of the local commune.


Plan Rawaj vision 2020 aims at:

  • Making Morocco a shopping platform with offers that suits all consumers’ needs.
  • Modernize the street retail (usage of labels, purchase centers, retailers on one network…)
  • Contribute to the emergence of national champions (assisting national operators for the creation and the development of retail networks).
  • Implementation of 600 large and medium areas by 2020, with over 50 hypermarkets creating about 80,000 jobs.
  • Creating 15 malls sheltering over 3000 franchise shops modern retail, and creating over 21,000 jobs.
  • Creating 15 outlets, discount stores factory shops creating ??? jobs.
  • Increase the retail GDP to reach 98 Billion dirhams.
  • Increase the share of the retail in the national GDP to 12.5%.
  • Increase the yearly sector growth to 8%.

Source: AMDI