Sector presentation

The Logistics is a strategic sector in Morocco, with real opportunities related to transport, and to logistics’ services and infrastructure.

It is a major component of Morocco’s economy due to its direct and immediate effect on the global competitiveness of Morocco’s foreign trade.

Recently, many large projects were launched aiming at developing and modernizing the transport infrastructure by land, sea and air, and the ports logistics.

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Sectorial strategy

Key numbers

  • Reduce the costs of the logistics in Morocco: From 20% of the GDP currently to 15% by 2015, benefiting for the consumers and the competitiveness of economic players via optimized, secured and massified management.
  • Accelerate GDP growth: achieve an additional growth of 0.5%, equal to an added value of 20 Billion dirhams.
  • Create jobs: ??? jobs in the mid-term, and around 96,000 at the end of the program.
  • Contribute to the sustainable development: Through reduction of nuisance: reduce the number of tons kilometer by 30%; reduce CO2 emission by 35% by 2015, which will reduce the pollution and roads congestion.


  • 1/3 of the required land for the development of the national network of logistic zones is ready.
  • 5 Billion dirhams government investment to develop the logistics of zones and increase their connectivity.
  • Construction Phase 1 on 14ha of the logistics platform of La SocieteNationale des Transports et de la Logistique in Zenata. Phase 2 started for the construction 7 warehouses of 6,000m2 each.
  • Construction Phase 1 on 12ha of logistics zone MITA belonging to the national railway company: Office National des Chemins de Fer. Completed in 2013, it houses warehouses and offices: 28,000m2 of warehouses and offices; 4,000m2 of mail warehouses; a business center of 4,500m2)