Information and communication technology

Sector presentation

  • Telecommunication sector in Morocco went through several transformation that contributed to its development: Set up of a regulatory body, new operators entering the market, provision of licenses…
  • The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a main factor for the emergence of a society of knowledge and social communication.
  • ICT sector in Morocco faces the challenge of putting the country in the global knowledge economy: State, Administration, companies and people.
  • Internet (landline and wireless) reached 17.06 members, with a penetration rate of 50.4%. The number of members increases at 17.9% yearly.
  • Outgoing calls exceeded 14 billion minutes in Q4 2016.

Key numbers:

  • Mobiles are available with almost all households (99.52%), in both urban areas (99.55%) and rural areas (99.49%).
  • 9% of people who own a smartphone use it to get internet connection.
  • The percentage of households with a landline telephone line is decreasing the last six years (21.8% in 2016).
  • In 2016, 54.9% of households own a computer/tablet, the same rate in 2015.
  • 5% of the households have access to internet, 77.2% in urban areas and 51.3% in rural areas.

Source: ANRT – Yearly survey of ICT markets, 2016.