Industrial ecosystems

Industrial ecosystems for an increasingly integrated industry

The first bloc of initiatives aims at reducing the sector’s atomization and building an increasingly integrated industry.

This relies on creating industrial ecosystems to create a new dynamic and new relationships between large corporations and SME.

This collaboration between the industrial leaders and the SME aims at making industry the main jobs’ creator, especially for youngsters, and at making it a sustainable trend.

This ecosystems’ logic aims also at optimizing the social and economical of the government’s outcome through the industrial offset that represent 20%.

While setting up these ecosystems, a particular attention will be given to assist the informal sector transition towards the formal through a complete plan of integration of Very Small Enterprise (VSE): set up of the self-entrepreneur status, adapted tax plan, social security, dedicated financing.

To close the gap of skills adequation to companies needs, OCP experience Programme Skills will be widespread.

For that, two initiatives will be launched: A bank of certified human resources; and a pool of inter-contracts.