Industrial acceleration plan

Achievements to be reinforced:

The Moroccan industrial sector engaged into a dynamic growth that was reinforced by the implementation of Plan Emergence, and in 2009 by the National Pact for the Industrial Emergence.

Achievements for the period 2009/2015:

  • Increase of 22% of the sector exports
  • Substantial upgrade of the infrastructures, implantation of global industrial leaders, increase of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at an average yearly rate of 23%.
  • Positioning of Morocco as an attractive and competitive industrial destination.

Industrial Acceleration Plan (IAP) 2014-2020: Integrated catalyst of growth.

IAP is in line with Plan Emergence and aim at making industry as a major growth locomotive.

Strategy goals at 2020:

  • Creation of 500,000 jobs, half from FDI and half from the upgrade of national industrial sector.
  • Increase of the part of industry in GDP by 9 points, from 14% to 23%.