Discours royal

Casablanca, Tuesday July 30th, 2013: HM Mohammed VI delivered a speech to the Nation at the occasion of the Throne Day, marking the 14th anniversary of his accession to the Throne.

Similarly, the gradual implementation of sector strategies has enabled our country to make tangible progress and to attract greater foreign investment, notwithstanding a difficult global economic and financial environment.

I reaffirm my commitment to investment promotion and wish, once again, to call on the government to give priority to all measures that stimulate growth and create jobs.

I also ask the government to make sure meeting domestic consumption needs is properly balanced with our ability to increase exports, given the positive impact this has on our balance of payments.

Years ago, Morocco embarked on a policy of promoting global industries under the Emergence Plan. The results achieved, by the grace of the Almighty, encourage us to keep up our efforts in this regard. I therefore urge the government to create conditions conducive to the diversification and expansion of our industrial base, and to adopt a proactive policy that reinforces the public-private partnership.

In keeping with my vision regarding sustainable development, efforts are currently being made to ensure Morocco becomes a producer of renewable energy. The implementation of the solar energy program and the launching of the An-Nour Complex in Ouarzazate are part of this endeavor, just like the targets we set in the area of wind energy production. In addition to being environment-friendly, these projects will reduce our dependence on imported energy. They require an effective training policy to improve the national skills base – an objective that should also contribute to the implementation of the National Charter for the Environment.

In spite of the global financial crisis, the tourism sector in Morocco has managed to ward off the adverse effects of the international economic downturn thanks to the efforts made and to the initiatives I have been keen to see implemented in recent years. This should encourage the sector’s partners and stakeholders to achieve the 2020 Vision.

The adoption of an advanced agriculture strategy reflects my firm belief in the importance of this vital sector. I thank God for blessing us with a good amount of rainfall this year and with abundant crops.

The “Morocco Green Plan” has been adopted to modernize the farming sector, and particular attention has been devoted to smallholders with a view to improving their living conditions.

As part of my concern for the well-being of this segment of the population, they will continue to benefit from the tax exemption scheme which, for large-scale farmers, will end this year. Medium and small-scale farmers will therefore continue to benefit from tax exemption.

I call on the government to set up a special agency that makes sure the agriculture strategy is suited to local environments, particularly in mountainous areas which are lagging behind in terms of land use, making sure action in this respect is fully compatible with regional development programs.

I have also sought to promote the fisheries sector through the Halieutis Plan, the results of which are promising and therefore need to be further consolidated.

The main goal of economic growth remains the achievement of social justice, which is the bedrock of social cohesion.

Extract from the Royal speech of July 30th, 2013, from Casablanca.